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over a decade

tracing its lineage back to Guild Wars in 2005, Last Vigil is descended from FoLK and the Chivalric Order of Luthien with roots in many other clans and guilds.

storied past

from MMO to FPS and everything in between we've had many adventures together. Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons & Dragons Online, Elder Scrolls Online, Eve Online, Diablo 2...the list is many

Relaxed, Friendly and Mature

Many of us have grown up alongside online gaming and the Internet. We're now adults and while we might not game as much when we do it's more about friendship than fragging.


Our founders are scattered and cells are numerous but we have not lost contact with each other. We continue to welcome like minded types to the community as we evolve.

Current Ventures

The Hyborian Adventures

Currently a small group of us are focused on Conan Exiles on our own private server. The server is open to all and we hope to build a thriving community on it as the game itself begins to mature. PVP is enabled but we also encourage roleplay and pve collaborations

Join Us in the Exiled Lands
Existing Ventures

Tamriel, Tyria and Toril

We currently still maintain a presence in the Elder Scrolls Online, Guild Wars 2 and Neverwinter. However, we've currently closed the extensive forum sections we had related to these and other games due to the need for constant vigilance against spammers.


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